Welcome to my gallery. Here you will find my graphic work and my alternative photography.




My interest for art has always been present but only in the early 1980's I started to dedicate myself to the art of graph. I have mastered several printing techniques at the Grafisch Atelier in Alkmaar (the graphic workshop Alkmaar) where I worked over the last 20 years as the administrator. My collection has been exhibited in both the Netherlands as well as abroad. Parts of my work can be found in private and public collections.

Why graph?
Graph includes everything printed, it is the ideal language to spread ideas and sentiments. Graph is unique in the sense that it is not limited to one single print. Which makes it ideal for reaching more people. Every print is the actual piece of art.

My photo's have been printed using alternative photographic techniques such as Gum Bichromate printing and Carbon printing, once used by the 19th century pioneers of photography. Nowadays, the progress in computer- and printing techniques , allowing high quality prints of the used negatives, have helped to rejuvenate the techniques used for printing these pictures. Resulting in the creation of new artistic possibilities.

Can my work be considered abstract?
Yes and no. Although my work is "abstract", it has recognisable elements. Transforming human and animal forms to symbols is an important element in my work. Combining "near-photographic" images with pure abstract shapes is also a road I like to take.